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Portfolio level resource management



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      Portfolio level resource management
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      JIRA server, JIRA cloud
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      Portfolio level resource management (individuals & teams) should include:

      1. resource allocation to the projects vs total capacity on the portfolio level
      2. capacity vs estimates on project (Box) level
      3. resource allocation to the projects (Boxes)
        1. possibility to check which project(s) is a resource dedicated to (30% for project A, 40% for project B,...) at a selected timeframe
      4. resource allocation vs task assignment
        1. possibility to get a report on the time that has been logged by each user on tasks in the project (respective Box type(s)) versus the Box team (project team) allocation
      5. what-if scenario on the portfolio level (Box what-if)
        1. possibility to create scenarios of project roadmap and observing how it affects a capacity on the skill/ team/ resource levels

      Some senior executive, that manages resources on the portfolio level, should be allowed to answer the below questions using BigPicture:

      1. Which team(s) is a resource dedicated to (30% for team A, 40% for Team B,...) at a selected timeframe?
      2. Which team* members are allocated to which projects**? 
      3. Are certain team members over-allocated on the project level?
      4. Who is available right now that I could assign to a new project?
      5. Which team members will be freeing up in the upcoming weeks?

      '* assumption: a function-based, "global" team

      '** technical remark: a specific Box type or the list of specific Box types


      Customer remark:

       [In the porfolio level resources management] the estimation can still be linked to the task. In BigPicture (in the Gantt view) there is already presented a project with the listed tasks and assignees. In Resource views I would like to see the workloads by project rather than just tasks. Right now there are “project codes – task” per task displayed. An envelope from start to end for a persons allocated project would work or even for me using the project name and replacing the project code task format could work.


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