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Box periods may seem to stop calculating on Overview in the Timeline and Kanban Board modes



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      Reproduction steps (quick, without BPE):

      1. Open Overview, Home, in the Timeline mode.
      2. Check the dates of some existing Program Boxes.
      3. Go to Administration -> Box Types -> Program Box -> General -> Advanced.
      4. Change the period mode to Auto scope-based and save the changes.
      5. Go back to Overview.
      6. Refresh the page after it's once loaded.
      7. Verify the dates from step 2.

      Reproduction steps (alternative, with BPE):

      1. Go to Administration -> Box Types, and create a new Box Type. After creating, set it's period mode to Auto scope-based and add "Main" as a parent type.
      2. Go to Overview and create a new Box with Box Type from step 1. Set it's date as "today".
      3. Switch the Overview mode to Timeline.
      4. Open the new Box on Gantt mode.
      5. Add some tasks.
      6. Set the tasks on any dates, other than "today".
      7. Go to Overview of the new Box.
      8. Refresh the page.
      9. Verify the dates of the Box.

      Actual result:
      The Box' period stays the same, there is no changes.

      Expected result:
      The Box's period is adjusted to the period of the tasks in their scope.

      The bug is actually only visual, and the problem fixes itself once a user enters the Hierarchy mode of Overview, at least once.




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