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Task structure - error after revoke Trello



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      1. For this test case please don't use the team-qa Trello account.

      2. You can create your own Trello account for free on trello.com according to this instruction.

      3 . If you don't know how to add Trello to the scope definition you can read it here

      Reproduction steps:

      1. In the Overview module of box HOME create a new box with scope type OWN with boxName "Invalid Trello connection"

      2. Navigate to Box Configuration -> Tasks -> Scope definition tab of the created box in the previous step.

      3. Click "Add new tool" and follow the instruction from step 3 in Prerequisites.

      4. In the new tab open the Trello account created in step 2 from Prerequisites, then click on your avatar on the right top corner of the screen

      5. Click on the settings option then under [Aplication] setting next to BigPicture click on [REVOKE] button

      6. Go back to box configuration/task/task structure of the box from step 1 and click cmd+shift+r 

      Actual result:

      Accordions with external platforms don't appear and pops-up window with error (attached screenshot)

      Expected result:

      Task structure should be visible without any errors

      Workaround: N/A




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