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Capacity Planning in Board: Individual's Capacity does not include all Team memberships



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      Reproduction steps:

      1. Create a Box consisting of several subboxes (e.g. Iterations)
      2. Make sure that 1 of the subboxes have the following Box periods:
        -start date 1/Mar/2021
        -end date 20/Mar/2021
      3. Make sure that there are Teams with Members assigned to the boxes
      4. Make sure that Team Members have some working days within all the subboxes
        -Workload plan assigned,
        -no Absences covering whole period of the boxes,
        -Memberships in Teams should be >0% during the whole time of the Box period
      5. Go to Teams module, choose one of the Team members.
      6. Add new Memebrship of Individual from step 5. so that he has 2 memberships:
        -Membership 1: Availability=100% (till 15/Mar/2021)
        -Membership 2: Availability=0% (from 15/Mar/2021)
      7. Go to Board Module > Capacity Planning view
      8. Make sure that capacity in Capacity planning view was not overwritten manually (it should show basic values resulting from Holiday plans, Workload plans etc)
      9. Find the Team that that Individual from step 5. belongs to.

      Actual result:
      Individual is not visible at all in his Team swimlane in the Box from step2., because his capacity is interpreted as 0.
      The algorithm uses only the last one of the memberships and in this case, it is availability 0%, so Capacity=0.

      Expected result:
      The Individual should be visible in his Team swimlane in the Box from step2. with Capacity>0 (resulting from all memberships within box period, Workload plans, Holiday plans, etc.)





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