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Error while loading Resource Module having enabled Quick Filters



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      Box with a content for Resources module.

      Reproduction steps:

      1. Open the box with content for Resources module by clicking on its name.
      2. Navigate to the Resources module.
      3. From the Quick Filters dropdown choose My Tasks.
      4. Refresh the page.

      Actual result:
      Resources Grid is not loading.
      Message "Due to technical issues the resource module has been restored to default settings" is displayed.

      Expected result:
      No error message is displayed. Resources Grid is successfully loaded and displayed.

      Our developers are working on a solution. In the meantime we advise to not use Quick Filters on the Resources module.
      To be able to use Resources module again please follow the steps:

      1. Open the box that has errors on Resources module and navigate to the Gantt module.
      2. Click on the Quick Filter dropdown menu and deselect active filters.
      3. Navigate to the Resources module.




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