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Resources Module - Error by loading Resources Grid



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      Box with a task with logged work in the past and an individual assigned to that task.

      Reproduction steps:
      1. Open the box in Resources Module.
      2. Move timeline to the task in the past.
      3. Check the start date and end date of the task.
      4. Change the Effort Mode in the header to Remaining Estimate.
      5. Change the task contouring mode to Manual.
      6. Navigate to BigPicture→Administration→Resource Manager.
      7. Find the user assigned to the task on the list and click on its name.
      8. Add an Absence to the user with a start date and end date matching the start date and end date of the task.
      9. Navigate back to Resource Module of the box.

      Actual result:
      Loading Resources Module causes an error. Resource Grid is not displayed.

      Expected result:
      Content of Resources Module is displayed without errors.

      Open the box in Resources Module in incognito mode of your browser. It will switch Effort Mode back to Original Estimate. Find a task in the past that has:

      • logged work
      • no working days (user assigned to the task was absent for the entire task duration)
      • task is in Manual contouring mode

      This task causes the error in Remaining Estimate mode. To be able to use Remaining Estimate mode again the task must be edited. You can:

      • change the duration of the task to have at least one working day
      • switch contouring mode to other than Manual
      • change the task assignment to unassigned or to a user who is not absent during the duration of the task
      • delete the task

      After the task is edited you can continue to use Resource Module in normal mode of your browser.
      Please note that there can be more than one task causing the error.




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