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Gantt. After cloning existing scope, moving task on chart causes that Issues are shortened to one day



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      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create two projects : No1 and No2
      2. In No1 project add some issues
      3. Navigate to Overview and create two boxes: BOX1 and BOX2
      4. In BOX1 add No1 project in scope definition
      5. Go to Gantt module of BOX1
      6. Change duration of 5 tasks and link task1->task2 start-end, task2->task3 end-end, task3->task4 end-start, task4->task5 start-start
      7. Navigate to Gantt module of BOX2 
      8. Click on + icon and choose option Clone existing scope. Then in Clone the scope from choose BOX1, and in Clone the scope to choose No2 project. Click Clone button. 
      9. Refresh the page
      10. Move any task on chart
      11. Refresh the page again

      Actual result (several different has been observed, but only one in one test)

      After step 9: Links have not been cloned (frequency: 5/10)
      After step 10: Issues have been moved and duration of Issues are shortened to one day (frequency: 2/10)
      After step 10: After second refresh links disappear (frequency: 3/10)

      Box structure is not cloned properly

      Expected result
      Issues have been cloned with correct dependencies and duration. Operations  e.g moved on chart, page refresh do not affect issue duration and links

      Following attributes are cloned properly: Tasks Summaries, Start/End date for issues, Parent-child hierarchy, Issue types, dependencies, basic tasks



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