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Artificial tasks are moved one day to the past when PC's time zone is later than the server's [MYSQL Database]



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      Prepare instance with clean mysql database

      • The issue also occurs on Cloud, but it is impossible to check server's time zone there (although it is suspected to be UTC+0)
      • Time zone is affected by DST

      Reproduction steps (for Server apps):

      1. Open Jira and navigate to Jira administration -> System -> System info
      2. Note the server's time zone set in System Time
      3. Set your PC's time zone to earlier than or equal to the server's: for example GTM +1 [Warsaw]
      4. Open any Program in BigPicture/BigGantt
      5. Proceed to Gantt module
      6. Create a new artificial task with any date
      7. Set your PC's time zone to later than server's: for example GTM -3 [Brasil]
      8. Create another artificial task with any date
      9. Change duration of second artifial task to one day longer or one day shorter

      Actual result:
      The second artificial task after resizing/shortening is moved one day to the past.

      Expected result:
      Both artificial tasks are created on the selected days.



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