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User-friendly operations on data sets (tasks, Boxes, resources, etc.)



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      A sum-up: 

      Key operations on data sets (sort, filter, search, group by) are enhanced and multi-platformed for the data across the Box modules and other screens.

      Goals of the initiative:

      • task filtering, sorting, grouping operations handle multi-tool approach (they apply not only to Jira issues but also to tasks synced with the other platforms, e.g. Trello cards, Azure DevOps work items, etc.) and it is based on data types logic (a data type catalog is defined in the BigPicture app),
      • viewing, filtering, sorting, and grouping of different elements (e.g. Boxes, Resources, Skills, etc.) is handled by the same technical mechanism (faster development of new features, lower maintenance costs),
      • the above operations are performed faster,
      • the above operations are performed per user (e.g. changes in tasks' sorting rules of a given Box done by one user do not influence the tasks' order for other users),
      • the above operations have higher usability and are straightforward (e.g.sorting and filtering in column headers in Gantt, sorting by several rules simultaneously, filtering by colors, etc.),
      • introducing search operation in Box modules (e.g. task search by Summary)

      Technical dependencies:

      The initiative depends on three following changes:

      1. Entity repository (a technical enabler providing storage for the data which is filtered, sorted, or searched, etc.).
      2. Data type development (the catalog of operating data types requires reorganizing, the types of fields need to provide rules for filtering, sorting, searching the fields' values).
      3. TableGrid component development (it is a component that displays data in a tabular form and needs to be adjusted to be able to use mechanisms from points 1 and 2 and allow the users to filter, sort, search, etc. the displayed data). 

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