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BigPicture 8 based on configurable Box Hierarchy - first release



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      Definition of done:

      1. Configure the list of Box types, e.g.:

      • For Waterfall/Hybrid: Corporate Portfolio, Project Portfolio, Project, Project phase, etc.
      • For Agile: Program Increment, Iteration etc.

      As of today, there are only 3 built-in types available: Program, Program Increment, Program Iteration

      2. Configure relations between Box types, eg.:

      • "Project" consists always of "Project phases"
      • "Corporate portfolio" consists always of "Project portfolios"
      • "Program Increment" consists of "Iterations"

      As of today, the relation is fixed: Program → Program Increment → Program Iteration

      3. Set scope definition for each Box, which is an instance of a Box type (i.e. specific Project Portfolio, specific Project, specific Iteration etc.), e.g.:

      • Scope of Project Portfolio PP is based on the scope of its projects
      • Scope of Project A is based on filter "Labels=GDPR"
      • Iteration 2020/12 is synchronized with Jira Sprint 12/2019

      As of today, a user is allowed to define the scope rules on the Program and/or Program Iteration level. 

      4. Analyze Box metrics calculated based on all tasks in the scope of the Box, e.g.:

      • Sum of "Time spent" of all tasks in the scope of the project
      • Work progress (% done / all tasks in the scope) of iteration 4
      • Average of "Original estimate" of all tasks in Stage 1

      5. Customize a default column views or card views for each Box of a given type, e.g.

      • in Project Portfolio PP display list of projects with the following columns: project name, project status, project lead, start date, end date
      • in Project A display list of project phases with the following columns: phase name, start date, end date, chosen metrics (e.g. % done)

      6. Customize available modules for a particular Box type, e.g.:

      • Gantt, Resources and Reports modules available in "Waterfall project" type
      • Scope, Board and Risks modules available in "Agile project" type

      As of today, modules are configurable only on the Program level, no defaults can be set.



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